“Achieving Excellence Through Hands-On Treatment”

At Taigum Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic our highly skilled therapists have a very hands-on approach and use the latest evidence based treatment techniques to ensure effective results as fast as possible.

Our focus is on your needs.  We take the time to listen to your problem, find out how it affects your lifestyle and what it is that you need to get back doing.  Our success starts with a thorough assessment of your condition.  We provide a diagnosis, explain your condition in simple terms you can understand and, together, formulate a treatment plan.  We provide strong direction on how to correct your problem, get you back functioning optimally and importantly, how best to keep the problem from returning.

At Taigum Physiotherapy, it’s all about YOU.

Taigum Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic serves the North Brisbane suburbs of Taigum, Boondall, Zillmere, Bracken Ridge, Fitzgibbon, Aspley and beyond.